Xpertmud - The Mud Experience

Xpertmud has quite a lot of features other clients lack by using full featured programming languages like perl or python for scripting. This means, that Xpertmud supports for example databases as long as perl and python support them. Xpertmud just provides a comfortable scripting interface and GUI. We'll soon add a feature table, where we'll show you the features of other mud clients (like zmud) and how you can implement/use them in Xpertmud.

Implemented Features:

  • Using full programming languages (Perl/Python) as scripting languages.
  • Nice GUI bindings for scripting languages (open multiple windows, print to windows using ANSI control sequences).
  • Scripting callbacks for text entered in the GUI and received from the mud. Enables you to program aliases and triggers.
  • Bindings for key-press events (enables you to implement Num-Pad walking and hot-keys).
  • Scripting callbacks for timers.
  • Nice functions to handle your callbacks easily within the command line environment or scripts.
  • Bindings to send text to the server from scripts.
  • Dcop scripting capabilities.
  • Nice plugin support. Simply put a widget into a plugin and write some wrapper code in the scripting language to use the plugin. Enables you to write any kind of control widgets or time-critical calculations using C++.
  • Multi-Line line edit. Just press ctrl-enter to get a new line of input.
  • Mud Compression Protocol.
  • Support for charset negotiation over telnet
  • Support for lots of different charsets, including full utf8 support

Upcoming Features (works mostly/partially):

  • Bindings for mouse events in windows. Enables you to implement map scrolling, easy text buttons, selections etc.
  • Win32 and MacOS X Port
  • Plugin for "Rapid Gui Development" utilizing (D)HTML and javascript (konqueror based)

Planned Features:

  • Mud Chat Protocol.
  • Plugin structure for input plugins.
  • "Bookmark-local" config storage usable by scripts.
  • New Text Widgets, fast drawing and scrolling again.
  • Small script adding some TF compatible wrappers for xpertmud functions
  • A (non-battletech) mapper plugin
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