Xpertmud - The Mud Experience

The nice btech hud plugin. Look at the weapon widget, it provides you with information weather you will overheat after firing a weapon. Green means you can shoot, red means you should better wait ...

Of course you can select which colors will be shown in the text widget.

The Connections Editor enables you to specify a login sequence per connection and setup of multiple, scriptable connections.

You can tell the client what it should do while connecting. Here you'll usually want to parse some script for the mud you're going to play.

Now that I'm playing Tappmud, I wrote a little script which parses your inventory and stuff into different windows. You can still play in normal mode, you've got nice keypad walking (including shift-KP_8 for up, shift-KP_2 for down and KP_5 for look) and of course you can easily change the behaviour, for it's all in a python script.

Because the inventory can get rather large, there's also a "short inventory" mode. And of course you can resize your window :-)

The current CVS version now has an improved inputline that allows multiple lines of input at once. (usefull when e.g. writing scode)

This screenshot demonstrates pseudo multitasking done with timers.

The output was generated by running #parse "snake.pl" multiple times

Here you see some screenshots that show multiwindowed output while playing bt3030 mux.

This one shows the chat mode. Output goes into a single window. That's what every mud client should be able to do...

Now here you see the battle mode. After starting up your mecha you just press F6 and multiple windows pop up (all perl-scripted). There're windows that show navigation, tactical, status, and all other output. Navigation and tactical are updated automatically and with keypad hotkey support navigation gets as easy as it can be. Even your current heading is shown in the navigate window.

Now this is battle-mode, too. But here an other mecha is locked. So now you've got an extra scan-window, which you can update by pressing * on your keypad. Of course this is all perl-scripted and you can add or take away windows as you like...

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