Xpertmud - The Mud Experience
PercentageLast UpdateFeature-O-Matic
100%2002-08-29New Network Core
100%2002-08-29Mouse Event API
100%2002-08-29KDE3 support
100%2002-08-29New Bookmark Handling (including Konqueror Plugin, initial code per connection and the good old On-Call script)
100%2002-09-02Enabled to load perl/python modules like Time or Gtk, which only exist as .so files
100%2002-10-24Nifty plugin engine
98%2002-12-23BTech plugin
80%2002-08-29Win32-O-Mania Core functionality
92%2002-12-23Win32-O-Mania GUI functionality
85%2002-12-23Enhance QextMdi functionality
80%2002-12-23Multiple Connection Handling
42%2002-08-29DCOP scripting bindings
12%2002-12-23Newbie-Friendly documentation
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