Xpertmud - The Mud Experience
Xpertmud Design Overview
Xpertmud has a very flexible and modular design. There are some basic components which are best described by looking at the directory structure of xpertmud's cvs.
  • xpertmud/
    Xpertmud's main components. These are qt and kde dependent and show xpertmud's basic design. The files in here include the telnet handler, ansi control parser and xpertmud's main widgets.
    • plugins/
      All plugins for xpertmud. Plugins are simply Qt widgets which follow a generic (not xpertmud specific) interface. These can be called from scripts via the scripting API. There's a subdir for each interpreter. The scripting docs are here, too, because the docs for perl and python are very alike.
    • scripting/
      Here you find the glue that connects xpertmud to the scripting interpreters (currently perl and python). The interpreters are implemented as dynamic libraries, which implement the scripting api.
  • qextmdi/
    A qextmdi fork for xpertmud. Solves some issues where qextmdi didn't fit xpertmud's needs.
  • compat/
    Files that are required to compile xpertmud without kde and/or with Qt 2.3. These enable us to compile xpertmud with a native win32 MFVC.
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